Happy Birthday Earth

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Acrylic & Recycled Plastic on Canvas

150 x 100cm

Featured at the Plastic Free July Exhibition in partnership with Ellipse x Blackhorse Mills

Inspired by the ongoing topic of plastic waste and the amount which is sent to landfill every year – I wanted to create a bold statement to highlight the years that are passing and what we’re giving back.A tongue & cheek perspective of gifting a physical ‘Mother Nature’ – imaging her as a feminine power and continuing to produce the gift she really doesn’t need.  

This idea was ignited when I came across old, plastic birthday balloons which I had been storing and waiting for the perfect opportunity to use.  Each balloon and plastic rubbish has been hand cut into different length strands and then attached onto the canvas before being distorted with heat. The use of heat linking to the increase of planet temperatures, in addition applying acrylic paint to create a concrete grey background. Within the artwork contains other plastic waste collected from the public, creating unique textures and contorted shapes. This includes food and beauty packaging.* To me, this piece plays on different levels with current topics of environmental and social justices. The colour palette linking to feminine energy and the concept matching the frustrated sense that those in power are not doing enough. 

I believe this is a true representation and expression of how myself and many are feeling currently. My true artistic expression is found when merging my creative ideas with points of emotion. It’s great to be able to showcase the passions that I want to represent to hopefully change mindsets, but to also acknowledge that it isn’t easy.  


* All recycled plastic packaging was cleaned before use.