art workshops

Exploring and experimenting with different art materials, Alex hosts interactive workshops for you and  your team or a group of friends to get creativity flowing and showcase your style through observational art.

Capturing a still life table scene, flowers, fashion or any other objects of interest - each persons perspective and style is unique. The workshop allows each person to boldly experiment, loosen up their creative side and learn drawing techniques in the process. 

A typical workshop will start with creative warm ups, then go into a longer session using observational drawing, painting, print making and collage. 
Materials include pens, watercolours, collage from old, recycled paper materials. No previous experience is needed and everyone is welcome.

Why an Art Workshop?
Drawing and painting has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, which is especially needed in a world today where we are constantly distracted and overwhelmed. A creative workshop allows for connection between the attendees and a great way for individuals to express themselves, whilst also escaping from the noise of the world for a couple of hours.

Each persons style is different and with observational art, each angle is unique to that person. There is no right or wrong, which makes this an enjoyable and relaxing experience. 

Workshops can be booked for private parties or corporate events. They can be tailored to your group or business. Please contact Alex to discuss further. 


Art Workshop class in yellow warm room with black and white tile floor with 5 women painting


 "Alex - this workshop was a total dream. Chill vibes, great company... but above all really confident and supportive steer from you. The warm-up activities were spot on and got us all in the flow - and the main activity was just brilliant. I have a new found love of collage and will never look at magazines the same way again!... It really was a chance to switch off too and get totally immersed in our creativity.
I loved every minute and would 100% come to another workshop of yours again. Thank you for a lovely afternoon"
Amy, London



How much do you charge for a workshop?
For private events & businesses, the pricing varies depending on how many people you are wanting to join and also what you would like the workshop to be focused on. Every workshop is different, so the best thing to do is contact Alex directly where she'll be able to give you a quote. 

What is the min/max number of people you can host for a workshop?
There is no min/max number. The amount of people needs to work with the space in which the workshop will be taking place, which Alex will be able to advise on. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?
No - all you need to bring is yourself, preferably in clothes that you do not mind potentially getting paint/materials on. The workshops include the set up of all the materials needed to complete the workshop.

Do you travel outside of London/outside of the UK for hosting a workshop?
Yes, Alex is happy to travel to host a workshop. The cost of travel and accommodation (if needed) will be included in the final cost.

Would you host a workshop in my house for my friends?
Yes, Alex is happy to host a workshop for a group of friends. This can be a unique experience for birthdays, hen parties, community get together and business away days.

I'd like you to host a workshop for my friends/business, but we don't have a location to do it. What would you suggest?
If you're wanting a workshop however do not want to have it hosted in your business address or home address, Alex can find alternative solutions based on your location. Contact Alex to chat further and she'll be able to make appropriate suggestions.

Can I tailor the workshop for my group/business?
Yes, preferably Alex likes to personalise each workshop to the group of people or business who are taking part. It could be particular objects to draw, certain colours to use or materials. All ideas are welcome and will be part of the booking experience.

Can we have a specific type of workshop rather than observational drawing?
Yes, Alex always welcomes ideas and would love to tailor the experience as much as possible to you/your group. Love a certain style of art? Let her know. 

Do you have a minimum hire time?
Minimum hire time for a Workshop is 2 hours with maximum up to 5 hours (with a break). If you'd like longer, please chat further to Alex who will help tailor your workshop experience.

How do I book a workshop with you?
The best way to book a private workshop is to contact Alex directly through her Website Contact Form. Please include as much information as possible, such as your preferred workshop date, location and number of people who would be interested. Alex will then chat further with you. 

Can I book a workshop as a gift to someone?
Gift Cards are not applicable to Workshops, however you can pay on behalf of someone else. Please contact Alex to discuss further.