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Guest Illustrations

In her signature style, Alex creates professional illustrations for you & your guests using watercolours and markers. 

On the day of your wedding or event, Alex will attend the celebrations to create live sketches of your guests and their outfits. Each A5 artwork takes 10-15 minutes depending on how many people are included. It will be hand drawn and then gifted to the guest in a protective bio-degradable sleeve for them to easily take home.

The paper can be personalised to include the event occasion/newlyweds name, date and venue. This is an ideal experience for your guests to keep them entertained during the day and as a unique take home gift.

Alex is happy to travel outside of London with travel costs included in the final quote.

Prices start from £100p/h.
Please contact Alex to chat further and check availability. 


guest illustrations laid out on table with colourful watercolour outfits

"Everyone had such an amazing reaction to your pictures they all look incredible!!! We can't thank you enough... We have had so many compliments on the artwork and how fun it was for guests to have a keep sake. We are so grateful to have had you for the day. Thank you again."
Sadie, Bristol


Wedding Memory Artworks

Inspired by capturing a couples big day whilst minimising waste - Alex creates unique artworks which re-use and highlight special details from the wedding day. From invitations to pressed bouquet flowers, Alex will use a mix of materials and techniques to create a one-of-a kind artwork.

This is ideal as a post-wedding gift to the newly weds. The idea is for the artwork to have a special place in the newlyweds home, reminding them of their day and the details which went into it. 

Step 1 is to send the saved items (think wedding invitations, save the dates, ribbons, bouquet flower petals, magicians cards etc) to Alex. She will then combine the recycled materials and hand drawn techniques to create either an A4 or A3 artwork. 

Please note the artworks come unframed. Turn around time is 3-4 weeks. Other sized artworks and framing can be created - please contact Alex to chat further. 

Prices start from £100
Gift Cards are available. 

You don't have any materials to send? No problem, Alex can still create an artwork based on details and images from the big day.

framed muted colour palette wedding artwork with hand painted alter pressed flowers and paper



How much do you charge for your guest illustrations?
Guest Illustrations start at £100 per hour. Every event and wedding is different, so your quote will include the amount of time you would like Alex to illustrate, plus travel, materials and accommodation (if needed).

How many illustrations can you do in 1 hour?
As an average, Alex can create 5 illustrations in 1 hour which would be minimum of 10 guests. This is if it was based on 2 people per illustration, however you can have multiple people in one illustration.

What materials do you use?
Alex starts by sketching the figures in pencil, and will then work into the illustration using pro marker and watercolour. If you'd like a certain 'look', please let Alex know. 

What is the process on my event/wedding day?
Alex will attend your event/wedding day and set up on a small table where requested. She will arrive slightly early to allow set up time and will then invite guests to have their photograph taken on her camera. Alex will then draw whilst referencing the photo, so that the guests can continue to enjoy their day without needing to stand for the drawing. The drawings will then be available to collect at the end of the event.  

Do you travel outside of London/the UK for events/wedding illustrations?
Yes, Alex will travel for your wedding and event. The cost of travel and accommodation (if applicable) will be added to your quote. If a journey time is 3+ hours one way, accommodation will be required.

Can I have a different style or size for the illustrations?
Yes, Alex is always open to new ideas and loves to tailor your illustrations to your preferences. Please mention this to Alex when you contact her regarding a quote. 

Why do the illustrations have no eyes?
When working on a smaller format such as A5 paper, the details of the face such as the eyes, are harder to draw accurately. Instead, Alex prefers to highlight the lips and cheek colour, but is happy to adapt the style to suit your preference. 

Do you have a minimum/maximum hire time?
The minimum hire time for a wedding/event is 4 hours. This is so it gives Alex enough time to capture a reasonable amount of guests. Maximum hire time is 6 hours. If you would like Alex for longer, please discuss with her. 

So if I hired you for 4 hours, how many illustrations would that amount to?
Alex would promise to create at least 20 illustrations which would equal at least 40 guests.

What happens if you don't finish them all on the day?
If for whatever reason Alex does not finish the promised amount of illustrations at your event, she will finish those needed at home and then post free of charge to your address. This is at no extra you.

I would like each of my guests to have an illustration. Is that possible?
When inquiring, it is best to let Alex know how many guests you are expecting to have at your wedding/event. Alex can only physically do a certain amount of illustrations within the time, which means that depending on numbers, it would be a first come first served experience but she will give you a confirmed figure for your day.

How do I book you for my event/wedding day?
The best way to inquire is through the Contact Form. Make sure to include your wedding/event date, venue, number of guests, your budget and any other useful information.

Can I get someone a Wedding Memory Artwork as a gift?
Yes you can. The Wedding Memory Artworks are a lovely post-wedding gift. Contact Alex to chat further.

Do your Gift Cards apply to these services?
Gift Cards can be redeemed on the Wedding Memory Artworks. This is a great gift to the Bride & Groom for them to use after their special day. You can buy a Gift Card here.